About Huddled in Dirt

Huddled in Dirt is a short fiction blog inspired by the people we briefly interact with every day, yet we will never know anything about.

Each post is a snapshot into the lives of the characters introduced. A new character is introduced in each story. Each story begins where the previous one ended, continuing through the new character we meet.

Ultimately, everyone’s on the same journey. It’s just everyone’s journey is different.

Stumbling from thought to thought, falls headlong down
Into doubt’s boundless sea, where, like to drown,
Books bear him up a while, and make him try
To swim with bladders of philosophy;
In hopes still to o’ertake th’ escaping light,
The vapor dances in his dazzling sight
Till, spent, it leaves him to eternal night.
Then old age and experience, hand in hand,
Lead him to death, and make him understand,
After a search so painful and so long,
That all his life he has been in the wrong.
Huddled in dirt the reasoning engine lies,
Who was proud, so witty, and so wise.

“A Satyre against Reason and Mankind”, 1675, Earl of Rochester – English Libertine


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